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KozoLamp™ the original pipe lamp brand; handmade with love since 2008

KozoLamp™ is a genuine lighting brand for design & production of iron pipe lamps; made by hand since the year 2008. Kozo Lamps are constructed out of zinc coated pipes and fittings mainly used in the construction industry for water infrastructure.

With 8 years of experience we have developed an expertise in the field of pipe lamps; our designs are 100% original and unique.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Kozo Lamps designs and we hope that you will find the Kozo Lamp that fits your needs and distinct personality.

Each Kozo Lamp is branded with our unique brass logo plate to assure that the design is ours; a genuine KozoLamp™ serial number is carved into each logo plate for authentication.

We collect the raw materials for the Kozo Lamps directly from the industry to our workshop, based in Blagoevgrads ancient district. We use only high standard raw materials and components. Each Kozo Lamp is designed and produced in compliance with the European harmonized standards - CE.